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Change For The Children recently teamed up with to award project grants to individuals who are taking action in their communities across the U.S. and Canada. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the grant winners!
Bailey Reese, 14
Hero Hugs

Bailey started Hero Hugs to send thank you packages to men and women proudly serving the country. Bailey gets other young people to help with her project and teaching these youngsters that age and size doesn’t matter when it comes to making a difference and giving to others. Bailey is 14 and Hero Hugs has already sent 50,000 appreciation packages to deployed troops. She plans to send over 100,000 packages by her 16th birthday.
Amy Biery, 20
Allegheny Jazz Dance Ensemble Benefit Concert

The Crawford Country Special Olympics (CCSO) has grown to service 350+ athletes and their families in 13 school districts offering these athletes challenges that stimulate personal growth. When Amy learned that CCSO would be losing a major portion of its financial support, she decided to host a performance with the Allegheny Jazz Dance Ensemble to step in and raise money to ensure the continuation of CCSO. The grant will go to up-front costs of creating t-shirts, letter writing campaigns, and making themed baskets stocked with prizes for raffles to raise money. Her project has helped 350 disabled athletes plus inspired 360 people in her community to take action to save the local Special Olympics.
Mike Trush, 23
Daniel's Music Foundation

Along with his family, Mike runs Daniel’s Music Foundation (DMF), an organization that provides free music programs for people with physical and developmental disabilities starting at 3 years old in New York. Mike personally witnessed the transformational effect music when his brother, Dan, was hospitalized for nearly a year and music played an important role in his recovery. DMF currently offers 25 classes with a part-time teaching staff of 12 highly qualified instructors (who include certified music therapists, music professors and professional performers). Mike works with 150 other people in his organization and has helped 100 people with physical or developmental disabilities through the power of music!
Maria Dornfeld, 8
Down Syndrome Lending Library

Maria is supporting parents with newly born children with Down Syndrome. She’s assembling and creating parent packets, a lending library, dvds, and educational materials to educate parents about Down Syndrome. She’s has Down Syndrome herself and is determined to help support and educate others about the disorder. Her project is helping 40 people and has inspired 20 people to take action.
Allison Nguyen, 17
Iced Capades Cakery

Allison started Iced Capades Cakery as a way to marry two passions: desserts and serving her community. She donates cupcakes on a monthly basis to local homeless shelters to host birthday parties for whom they are otherwise unaffordable. Her birthday celebrations help reinforce self-worth and prevent problems of young residents feeling “left out” due to fluctuating shelter censuses. Through Iced Capades Cakery, Allison has hosted 200 birthday celebrations in homeless shelters in the Houston area!
Tim Enfield, 19
Think Alive Foundation

Tim was inspired to help fellow disabled youth after a long struggle to finance his entrance fee for the Special Olympics. His Think Alive Foundation provides one of the only goal-based disability donation system in the United States. Online, donors choose from a list of disabled youth who are looking for funding to complete a goal/project . By helping to fund these goals, Tim’s project is helping disabled youth to learn their strengths and weaknesses, ways to adapt to different situations, and gain self confidence. He will be helping 50 young people with special needs hoping to reach 200-300 goals funded each year.
Tasmiha Khan, 20
Combatting Health Disparities

In 2009, the International Diabetes Federation estimated that 3.8 million people in Bangladesh had diabetes; by 2025, it will be 7.4 million. This explosion in diabetes prevalence will give Bangladesh the dubious honor of being among the top ten countries in numbers of people living with diabetes in 2025, according to the WHO. With the World Peace and Cultural Foundation, Tasmiha will be identifying people suffering from diabetes mellitus in Bangladesh through community mobilization and blood screenings and will set up modules to train inhabitants in the surrounding areas to detect and treat diabetes. There are 117 people directly involved in her project and will help a projected 103 people living with diabetes.
Sarah Yourman, 20
Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Coalition

Sarah knows first-hand the affects of living with a chronic disease- she has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes and was inspired to help others in similar positions. Many youngsters with diabetes cannot afford summer camp or for that matter find a camp that will care for a child needed medical management. Sarah fills this gap with her Diabetes Camps that help to meet the needs of both living a normal life and managing diabetes in a safe environment.
Lauren Sweetman, 25
Paradigm Shift Projects

Lauren’s Paradigm Shift Project (PSP) is a Toronto-based not-for-profit charity that educates youth on international social and environmental justice issues through a series of documentary films that aim to teach young Canadians how they can make a difference as global citizens. The grant money will be used to fund the production of Paradigm Shift Kits, a curriculum guide for workshops with the same goals as the documentaries. TO date Lauren's project has impacted 21,094 people!
Brittni Serwinski, 20

Special Olympics Texas is in need of many volunteers, so Aggie Special Olympic Texas Volunteers(ASOTV) was created in order to fill these various needs. ASOTV is an organization at Texas A and M University in College Station whose goal is to raise awareness about Special Olympics and give students an opportunity to volunteer at the games. They raise money through fundraisers and send volunteers to the games. Brittni’s ASOTV has helped 120 people participate in the Special Olympics.
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