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In March 2007, almost a year and a half after my diagnosis, I publicly announced that I have diabetes at Carnival For a Cure. I knew I wanted to go public and that seemed like the right time. I guess I wanted to kind of get “comfortable” with my diabetes before telling the world about it.

I found it amazing just how many people know somebody with diabetes or have diabetes themselves. We’d get these stories about how some of the kids were really afraid to tell their friends and how my situation gave them courage to do that. The fact that I’m able to have somewhat of a spotlight to share my story, I just feel blessed. I carry a supply of guitar picks in my pocket, and whenever I meet another “diabetic buddy” as I call them, I give them a pick, a cool little thing.

I appreciate that I have a platform to be able to share my story...
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Host a diabetes awareness fair
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Perform a Sugar Intake Experiment
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How to be an advocate for people with diabetes
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Organize a Walk / Run for Diabetes
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Create a healthy cookbook for people with diabetes
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